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It is important to us that our property will be managed and marketed by a professional company… but how does it work?

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Our story begins at the end of 2005, when we ordered an extensive market research, comparing property management services in Israel with their global, international counterparts.

This research was and still is – a confidential document! Our goal was set to lead the property management and marketing culture in Israel, while creating solutions and bringing into service our new aspects, in the spirit of Total Management.

In Elita Home – we have found the way to turn the problem into a consumerism revolution:

We allow any entrepreneur contractor, selling or renting properties to continue their busy daily routine, to the point of financing all operational and marketing costs of the assets they own…

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We work with and for, in faithfully and transparently. You choose your level of involvement in the your properties, and every action is done only with your permission.

In the last survey conducted among our customers, and according to invoices, Elita Home received a total score of 9.67, indicating a high qualitative service level.

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We believe that satisfied customers are the key to our success. See what our esteemed customers have to say about us.

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The entire process of management and marketing is done in front of a single entity.


Our Vision is to provide you with a perfect service.


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