Our Story

Elita – The agency for Real Estate

Our story begins at the end of 2005, when we ordered an extensive market research, comparing property management services in Israel with their global, international counterparts.

This research was and still is – a confidential document! Our goal was set to lead the property management and marketing culture in Israel, while creating solutions and bringing into service our new aspects, in the spirit of Total Management.

Marketing, management and holdings of luxury apartments and properties in Israel.

Israeli Real-estate marketing and projects marketing.

Special requests defined as ‘Premium Services’.

Our Specialties

  • Management and marketing in the perfect method.
  • Research and analysis.
  • Creative advertising.
  • Budget management.
  • Complexed projects management.
  • Brand establishment and development.
  • Joyous marketing events.
  • Peripheral material development.
  • Content creation.
  • Visual Stories.
  • Corporate website design.
  • Customers relations management.
  • Creative digital marketing.
  • Advanced social media.
  • Strategical marketing and positioning.
  • Public relations management.
  • Visual communication.
  • And more…
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Our vision: We wish do mold luxury services into the traditional Israeli real-estate culture, which include perfection, renovation, art, creativity and excitement.

Elita staff includes: researchers, creative men, photographers, advertisers, public relations managers, law scholars, holdings managers, sales and marketing experts, branding professionals, graphic designers, simulation operators, architects, interior designers, business strategy consultants, social media experts, appraisers, men of actions. All leaders in their field of work.

Luxury Property Marketing

Even if you live in France and you own a luxury property for sale on Tel Aviv coast line – We will take care of the entire process for you!

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Luxury Property Management

Even if you are busy and living outside of Israel – and you have a luxury apartment as an investment or for accommodation in Herzliya Pituach, it makes no sense you waste your time for any little issue or showing of your asset!

We will manage, maintain and market your asset for you!

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Accommodation Projects Marketing

Even if you are an entrepreneur contractor, building accommodation projects and you need a company to manage the entire array of customers, and market your new apartments quickly and efficiently – We will manage and market the project for you!

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Premium Services

Whatever your request is, even the smallest – rest assure you can count on us to make it happen!

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More about us:

Elita Home real-estate agency excels in the arts of managing, branding and marketing.

Elita Home manages and markets thousands of square ft. in luxury assets in Israel and the world.

Our first most priority – is our customers’ needs

Our Specialties

Luxury real estate management


Luxury Real Estate Marketing


Residential Project Marketing


Custom Premium Services


Marketing, management of luxury houses in Israel and the world.

Project marketing of new accommodation properties.

customers’ needs management – we offer personal premium services for luxury property owners.

Our guiding line is: “ It’s all about management “ :

Elita Home real-estate agency redefines the world for all real-estate marketers’ and managers’ in Israel.

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We are thrilled towards our next challenge. Do you?

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