What are the types of assets in Israel

Elita Home prepared for you a definitions glossary for your better understanding of real-estate types in Israel

It is important to know: Every asset has many benefits and many drawbacks, therefor our decision must come to satisfy our needs, rather than our feelings.

When we come to choose which property / asset we want to reside in, it is important that we examine and ask the following questions:

Is the family due to grow or have the kids already grown and left home

Do we buy the property for accommodation, leisure or investment

How much time do we want to put into taking care of the house areas? Or; Do we need a management company to take care of these tasks for us?

How much time (months per year) are we going to spend in this home?

Are we a family who loves having guests? on which basis? How many guests? Are they staying over? (i.e.: for religious people – guests who come for Friday evening, not going to leave after Shabat meal, so sleeping solutions should be thought of)

Is the house we are buying comes after a sell of a big house and we are interested in a smaller house, closer to the city – or vice versa

Accessibility, age, limitations, etc

After we ask ourselves these questions – it’s important to make sure we realize all the benefits and the drawbacks in every asset we choose.

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